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Snow Camping Gear List

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When I leave my VE-24 behind (in favor of building a snow shelter), my base snow-packing weight is right around 21 lbs. High-quality down is a wonderful thing. :-)

NOTE: My VE-24 is a wonderful 2-person + all gear snow shelter (rated as a 4-person tent - hah!). A veritable palace for two, and rock-solid. It's heavy (just over 9 lbs), but when it's part of the sled load, you really don't notice the extra 2-3 lbs you could save by going with a smaller 4-season shelter. The VE-24 has long been cancelled (why does all my favorite gear get discontinued?), but the VE-25 has taken it's place.


Snowshoes or Nordic Skis Anorak - Marmot, heavy-duty Ski poles Balaclava (O.R. Windstopper) Heavy wool pants Pile Jacket (Polartec) Gaiters (O.R. Goretex Crocodiles) Goretex expedition mittens Expedition-weight long underwear Glacier Glasses "SmartWool" Socks - two layers Watch Nordic Ski Boots (Insulated)


NOTE: In gentle terrain I use a snow sled and pull it behind me. CORE ---- Backpack: Mountainsmith Specter (5600ci) Shelter: Either a North Face VE-24, or materials for use in building a snow shelter (tarp, etc.). Sleeping Bag: 0F Marmot Couloir, 725-fill, DryLoft shell Sleeping Pads: Three 3/4 length RidgeRest pads (lots of uses!) EXTRA CLOTHES ------------- Down Sweater Pile Pants (heavyweight synthetic, zero water absorbancy) Expedition-weight long underwear top (spare) Camp boots (thick wool/fuzz lining, heavy duty shell) Gloves, Fleece (cutout fingertips) Fedora Hat (For style ;-) ) SURVIVAL HOUSEKEEPING/KITCHEN -------- -------------------- 1st Aid Kit MSR Whisperlite Stove (white gas) Leatherman "Micra" MSR fuel bottle Snowshovel (Lexan collapsible) Titanium pot w/ lid (1.3 liter) Photon LED flashlight Windscreen (folded aluminum foil) Candles (2 Birthday) Water Bottles (Lexan, two 1-Ltr) "Hurricane" matches Insulated water bottle carrier Compass, Orienteering Insulated plastic mug w/ lid Map (waterproofed) Dental Floss (few feet - sewing/etc) Whistle (plastic) TP (Just enough...) Iodine Tablets Supersponge (small) Space Blanket Spoon (plastic) Signal Mirror (coated plastic) Sewing Needle MISC OPTIONAL ---- -------- Parachute Cord (50 ft) (Avalanche beacon & search poles) Foam Pad, butt-size (expedient seat) (Sled, heavy plastic) Pen/Pencil (Water Filter - PUR Voyageur) Plastic garbage bag (many uses!) (Camera, Olympus Stylus 35mm) (Thermometer) (SuperPod, mini camera stand)

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