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Retailers / Manufacturers. Links to various suppliers I like. No kickbacks involved, just my honest opinions. Most I've used directly, some are word of mouth. As always, trust your own insight.

Trails, Destinations, and Related Info, including links to various support organizations, journals and more. Plenty of info for all long distance trekkers, not just us ultralight critters. Some very nice reviews, construction tips, plus they sell stuff as well, including the sometimes elusive Esbit Wingstove. Message board too.

American Long Distance Hikers Association - West. Title says it all. Lots of good info for the long-distance trekker.

GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages). Tons of outdoor info. A bit commercial, but hey they gotta pay the bills....

The Backpacker. Great spot, less commercial than GORP. Two strong thumbs up. Info for beginners too. Backpacker Magazine's site. Lots of stuff.

Andy's Lightweight Backpacking. Some thoughts on why ultralight backpacking may not work for you. We have contrary views on various points, which is exactly why I think it's a good visit. Compare, contrast, decide the best approach for YOUR needs and philosophies. He's also selling Tyvek for those who've been unable to find any.

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