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Welcome to my Site

My goal with this site is not to be a comprehensive "one-stop shopping" source for ultralight backpacking, but rather a good place to get your feet wet, get some ideas, see actual gear lists that work for me (instead of some hypothetical case), and get yet another perspective on things. Between this site and the links to other ultralight sites and suppliers, you should have more than enough info to get you started on the path of ultralight wandering. Or at the very least, help you shed 10-15 lbs or so off your current load without sacrificing any basic creature comforts.

So what do I know? Why should you listen to what I have to say? I've been backpacking for over 30 years and I practice what I preach. I've made a lot of mistakes over the years, and learned from them. So far I've passed the Darwinism Test. :-) I'm always learning, always experimenting. I've seen and done a lot, but I don't know it all. Don't think I ever will. Otherwise what fun would it be? To stop learning is to admit defeat, or worse, to give in to foolish pride.

I stress fun and enjoyment as the goals for my trips, not macho survival. I've found myself in survival situations, but only as an unintended turn of events. And yes, I've been ready for them. (Well, I dealt with them. I'm not sure there's any way to actually prepare for being on a high ridge in a sudden lightning storm and hearing your walking stick crackle like high-power utility lines - Yikes!)

But as with EVERYTHING you find on the Web, YOU need to evaluate what you read to determine if it's right for YOU! The Web is bursting with self-proclaimed "experts" spouting dubious info as The Truth. Learning to cast a critical eye on information you read is a valuable gift, all the more so in this Information Age. Use your head.

So that's about it. Hope you get something useful and/or thought-provoking out of these webpages. If you find this site helpful or you think there's something missing, please let me know!

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